Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time To hold Our troops In Iraq And Afghanistan

I am not siding with the democrats or the republicans on this war that should have never been started to begin with. I am how ever taking the side of our soldiery that are dying and getting wounded every day. There has been nearly four thousands soldiery that have died fighting this war on terror. There has also been more twenty seven wounded of crippled by serving in this. I think that it is time for our citizen to stand by these brave men and women serving in these two wars.I believe in the work our soldiery are doing in Iraq and I believe that it is only fair now to give our fighting men and women a opening to terminate what this war that so many of our soldiery have spilled their blood for.

So many citizen think that we should just up and run out of iraq. Then why did all our soldiery die or get wounded just to turn tail and run? Our government can fight about when to bring our soldiery home but are these the right decision or are these decisions being made because of next years elections? I believe that any decisions made now on this war would only before political reason`s . This is not a political war this is a war for a change of life for citizen that have been dictated to for years.

News From Afghanistan

This is not a war that was fought because of the events on 911. This war should have never been started but now these citizen who destroyed the twin towers and took two thousand American lives and changed lives of American`s for ever. I not only hold our soldiery I hope that our soldiery in effect will pull this miracle off. I believe that our country needs to stop this loud mouth bin laden and his children killing machine now growing in Iraq.

I am not a man who believes that war is the acknowledge I think that so many of our soldiery have died that if our country pulls out over some political arguing these soldiery have died for nothing. I believe that to many citizen and soldiery have died in this country already. I think that citizen have to give our troop the hold and opening to win this war. I also think that the iraqi government should get together and stabilize this government to take the lead in the fight for their country. I believe that if this government can not work together for their citizen then lets put citizen in this government who can.

As long as the memories of 911 live this so called religious leader Bin Laden should be captured to start bringing and end to the confidence that this is anything more then a man who does not care who he kills in the name of God. This is no act of religion this is a man that commits and supports cold blooded murder. I have always believe in the way peace though I also believe that these citizen have to be stopped forever.

I have always said that we need to come together as a nation for all citizen there for we must now stand behind our brave men and women serving in this war. There is enough fighting going on in our government over the political hereafter of the democrats and the republicans. I have no stomach to see more of our soldiery die in this country. I believe that to up and run now would make every particular troop that has died or crippled for this war feel like this war has been meaningless. This is no longer The governments war its a war where out soldiery are fight and dying for what they believe in and as hard as is is I think our citizen must stand be side our troops.

Some times the hardest part of life is knowing that a countries citizen are fighting a war that never should have been started. I can not thank these young men and women and their families enough for the reduce that these families are manufacture for our citizen and this nation. I will not do anything but hold these brave soldiery and their families in the hopes that this war will be coming to and good end for both nations and their people.

I believe that it is time for our government to stop fight over this war work together the find ways to bring this war to and end. I will not stand by our soldiery and all our citizen with the hopes that this war will be fulfilled, very shortly and persisting peace comes to our country and the world. I hope that our government will ultimately work together to win this war that to many of our soldiery have died for already.

I do not believe that this nation should up and run away from a war that should have never been started. I think that this nation has to stand by our soldiery and help in anyway inherent to make this war turn this country into the shining hereafter of democracy that it should be. I believe that it is time for the Iraqi government to put up or elect citizen that will work for this country.

As always I write with respect.

Time To hold Our troops In Iraq And Afghanistan

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